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The Everything Coworking podcast shares trends and how-tos for coworking operators and anyone following this exploding trend. Jamie owns coworking spaces in Chicago and Palo Alto under the brand Enerspace Coworking. She is also the Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association.
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Oct 16, 2019

Today’s guest is Lorena Solis, Regional Manager of IOS Offices in Mexico in Guadalajaro.

- Her background before she joined IOS OFFICES and explored coworking. 

- What motivated her to join IOS OFFICES.

- What IOS OFFICES is. She shares everything from the size of their spaces to the unique things they do to help boost member engagement! She also touches on their ideal audience as well as their practices for staffing offices. 

- What her role looked like when she started and how that has evolved over time. She also shares the responsibilities she had when she started and how her role evolved over time.

- What a typical day in her life or week look like for her current role in IOS OFFICES. 

- What she considers to be the hardest part about her job.

- The most rewarding aspect of her job. 

- The advice she would give to operators hiring their first community manager. 


For the full show notes, click here

Oct 9, 2019

Today's guest is Mike Kriel, CEO of Launch Workplaces with locations in the greater Baltimore, Washington DC area.

We talk about:

- Mike’s background.

- The story of how Mike got into coworking.

- What Mike’s business look like today

- number of locations, business models (service agreements, management agreements).

- Mike’s ideal customer and who Launch Workplaces serves best.

- Mike’s creative deal structures with landlords

- i.e., service agreements and management agreements.

- The value of Launch Workplaces as an ecosystem and the organic tenant growth Mike has seen over the years.

- The advice Mike would give to a building owner thinking about becoming an owner AND an operator.

- The advice MIke would give to an operator looking to partner with building owners in their own market.

Oct 1, 2019

Today’s guest is Alex Hughes, Co-founder of CNTRL Office


We talk about: 

  1. Alex’s background and Coworking story
  2. Their expansion from Portland into LA, Dallas and Sacramento
  3. Their ideal customer/who they serve
  4. How their locations are staffed and what functions are centralized
  5. Their real estate model 
  6. Lessons learned and what they’re most proud of

Show notes here.

Sep 19, 2019

Today’s guest is Angie O’Grady, Partner & COO @ StellaPop I Management Consulting I Workplace Services.

 We talk about:

- The areas in which operators tend to have the biggest gaps and need support to be successful.

- The attributes that tend to correlate with operators setting themselves up to successfully scale.

- Opportunities for boutique brands and independent operators to win in an increasingly competitive market.


Find the full show notes here. 

Sep 11, 2019

Today’s guest is James Shannon, Chief Product Officer at essensys. I invited him on to continue our coverage of physical and cyber security in coworking spaces. Essensys has deep expertise in this topic. If you missed episode 108, that’s another good listen on the topic.

James covers:

  • His background and role as CPO for essensys
  • What’s most exciting to him about the coworking/flex office industry?
  • What are the physical risks space operators need to be aware of?
  • What are the cyber security risks that space operators need to be aware of?
  • What are the basic physical and cyber security solutions to protect members against these risks? 
  • What are the security components that one needs to have in place to serve corporate clients?

He also talks about:

  • Member experience that can be addressed by technology. 
  • Aspects of a tech/IT suite that the best operators are integrating to enhance member experience.
  • For operators that are either just starting or planning for expansion, the technology components that should be a focus for them if they are operating in competitive markets.

Find the show notes here.

Sep 4, 2019

Casey Godwin is unique in that he's done enough deals in the coworking space to develop an expertise around the model and best practices for the coworking space search process.

Casey starts the episode by setting our expectations around what a CRE broker should bring to the table in terms of resources, access to data and unbiased support for you, the future tenant.

He then walks through: 1) What to include in a pitch deck; 2) Data to collect to understand the market; 3) How to conduct a competitor analysis; 4) What demographic data to consider in your search; 5) How to customize your pro forma and 6) How to understand the capital required for the project.

Full show notes here.


You can find Casey Here:


Flexspace Advisors



Aug 28, 2019

Mark Gilbreath has one of the most comprehensive vantage points of the Flexible Office Industry. As the CEO of LiquidSpace, he serves casual flex office users, corporate occupier users, SMB users, operators with space to offer and landlords with space to offer.

Rarely at his home office in Idaho, Mark is constantly in the flow of our quickly-evolving industry. In this episode, he shares his perspective on the evolution of the flexible office industry, the impact of the WeWork IPO on the perception of the industry, a demand forecast on the corporate occupier and a look at where we're headed.

Mark poses a few strategic questions to me and we discuss the supply/demand perspective; what does the playing field look like for new entrants competing with the likes of WeWork and Industrious? The Impact of WeWork and landlord participation on smaller operators and what emerging operators need most.

If you'd to attend the GWA conference click here.

If you'd like to hear more from Mark, find him by searching "The Flexible Office Economy" wherever you get your podcasts.

Aug 13, 2019

In a membership-based business, each month we win new members and lose others. Our business model relies on a systematic sales and marketing approach that drives net positive membership growth each month.

In this episode, we analyze a local, membership-based, community-focused business that, despite it's strong, engaged community, is losing money each month. I walk through their situation and what we can learn to better manage our coworking businesses.

Aug 7, 2019

In this episode, I share my go-to platform for outsourcing critical business tasks that I just can't get to. You'll be amazed at the breadth of expertise that you can leverage on a project-basis or long-term if needed.

I share example projects that I outsource, the process for posting to the platform and tips for posting to help you get the right resource.

If you're starting a coworking space, the Coworking Startup School is open for registration through August 8th.

Jul 22, 2019

BJ Rosinus has a real estate background, ran a coworking space in Florida, and then decided to join one of his members in serving a niche need for the coworking space - insurance for operators and members. 

Insurance is not the sexiest topic, but your landlord won't let you sign your lease without it and it can be hard to find a broker that "gets" our business and assigns the appropriate amount of risk and in turn, charges a fair premium. 

Going a step further, BJ's team offers insurance for members that meets the requirement in the member agreement and also satisfies the the growing frequency of requests from landlords that each member provide proof of insurance.


Get the details here:

Jul 16, 2019

Whether you’re new and worried that someone is going to beat you to opening in your market, or you’ve been in business for awhile and competition in your market is starting to heat up, this discussion is for you.

Jul 3, 2019

Hannah Walker reflects on her team's first year in business at WorkHub in Tyler, TX.

We cover:

A little about Tyler, TX

What role does Workhub play in your community?

What is special about Workhub?

What WorkHub members do for work

What has surprised Hannah the most in your first year of running a coworking space?

What Hannah has enjoyed the most?

What has been the most challenging?

What advice would Hannah give another operator to help them prepare for their first year?

What is Hannah excited about for year 2?

Jun 20, 2019

In this episode, Susan Glosby owner of WorkAway Solutions outside of Washington, DC, shares her coworking story AND her expertise in franchising major brands.

In this episode, I asked Susan to share:

  1. What is franchising?
  2. What’s involved in franchising a business (as a franchisor?)
  3. What’s a ballpark number for the cost of setting up a franchise?
  4. What are the benefits of franchising for the franchisor? For the franchisee?
  5. If you were talking someone into franchising their coworking business/brand, what would you tell them?
  6. If you were talking someone out of franchising their coworking business/brand, what would you tell them?

Want to offer your community managers training and development and a peer community? Check out our new Community Manager U at

Jun 19, 2019

We cover topics including:

  1. What is NeoCon?
  2. Why do you attend?
  3. Who should attend?
  4. What are the latest commercial office design trends that apply to coworking?

Interested in a training and development program for your Community Manager? Get more info here:

Jun 5, 2019

In this episode, we talk about what to do when your tour flow doesn’t feel right, or better yet, when your tour tracker data demonstrates your numbers are down.

Always get back to basics to troubleshoot issues. It’s tempting to do a “shoot, ready, aim” approach and start (desperately) throwing tactics at the wall.

Try not to do that.

First, go through your sales funnel and evaluate every step of it to see where you might be falling short.

We cover some simple data sources to check to see where the holes might be and how to get some help plugging those holes.

May 22, 2019

Anne Hardy, Chief Security Officer at Join Digital, shares with us the basics on our physical security and cyber security responsibilities as coworking space operators. Some categories of members such as corporate employees and funded tech startups, will have non-negotiable requirements/specifications for security in the space ranging from guest check-in policies to secure, dedicated SSID's

Anne is a high-tech executive with broad experience, starting from software design, architecture, cybersecurity, to managing teams to release telecommunications and enterprise software, building and leading research labs, managing developer relations, and initiating and driving cultural changes. She recently joined the Join Digital team, passionate about the innovation of their cloud-based IT service platform and its ability to change the IT game for building owners, flexible workspace operators as well as traditional tenants.

May 15, 2019

Maximilliano and his childhood friend, stumbled upon a unique need in the coworking market. They had a logistics operation involving inland transportation in the US, and they realized that many of their customers were operating some aspects of their business from Coworking Spaces.

These customers had their office at a different place than their actual logistic operation; this didn't make any sense to Max and Guillermo.

Their customers would have to commute from their Coworking Space to a Warehouse, losing valuable time commuting. Max and Guillermo saw an opportunity to put both under one roof - they created Palletized - a Coworking space focused on logistic distribution and e-commerce.

Now their members had access to work space and their warehousing and logistics needs...and they had a community of business owners with similar needs all under one roof.

May 8, 2019

This week's guest is Melissa Saubers. Melissa is the Chief Connector and CEO of Cowork Waldo (founded in 2012) and Co-Founder & Past President of the Record-Setting & Award-Winning Kansas City Coworking Alliance (founded in 2015).

Melissa shares her coworking story (she started in 2012!), talks a little about the award-winning Kansas City Coworking Alliance that she co-founded, and dives into her new passion for helping event planners and hosts (such as coworking space owners) be more inclusive in their frosty beverage offerings.

Melissa provides both big picture thinking about the benefits of inclusiveness and gives some tactical suggestions on how to market and deliver in away that will excite and delight your event attendees.

May 1, 2019

In this episode, Jerome and I tackle questions such as: 


What are the things that you do in your business that are unique to approaching the business as an architect AND an operator?

For those that are listening and just getting started - can you talk about the role that an architect plays in opening a coworking space?

What’s the difference b/w an architect, designer, and variations such as “interior architects.”


Find Jerome at 

Apr 24, 2019

One of my Coworking Startup School students recently asked about choosing a niche group to serve with her coworking space. It's very common to get nervous when you start to consider designing specifically for a segment of the market and therefore potentially telling others "this space isn't really for you." 

Sometimes you need to go small to go big. 


Mar 25, 2019

I love examples from other industries that make me think about aspects of the coworking industry.

This case study is about a summer camp that charges $100 more a week than the other neighborhood camps and how they explain this on their website. It's about both tangible and intangible benefits. Food for thought!

Scroll all the way down on this page to see the example that I talk about in the podcast.

Mar 20, 2019

In this short episode, I share a story of a Flight Group member who recently launched his space and found himself managing a long list of community norm challenges - the sensitive, sometimes awkward aspects of bringing together a bunch of professionals with different work styles that are only just beginning to build relationships.

Food for thought on how to manage these communications.

Not on the list yet for the Coworking Startup School? Get your email in now at!

Mar 8, 2019

Kicking off a new "bonus episode" format that will allow me to share insights that apply to business but don't fit into my typical episode approach.

This one addresses mindset when $hit goes wrong and messes with your expected outcome.

Let me know what you think! Leave a note in the Everything Coworking Facebook Group:

Mar 6, 2019

Currently in Carlsbad, Long Beach, San Jose and Denver, CommonGrounds Workspace is on an aggressive growth plan to add 2 million square feet across 50 locations in the next two years. All of this is made possible by a $100M capital raise.

Jacob's perspective has been shaped by his previous life in corporate real estate - his resume includes Director of Global Real Estate and Workplace for Nike, Director of Global Real Estate for Cigna and Director of Global Workplace Solutions for CBRE.

Jacob shares his unique perspective on the needs of the corporate occupier of Workspace as a Service, the gaps in the marketplace today, how these offerings are evolving and where the CommonGrounds brand fits into the rapid growth of the industry.



Feb 20, 2019

On this episode, my guest is Jason Anderson, recently named President of Venture X, one of the fastest growing premium shared workspace concepts in the country.

Prior to joining the shared workspace community, Jason was the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Franchise Development for United Franchise Group. 

Jason and I cover:

  • His background prior to joining the coworking industry
  • What he finds exciting about the shared workspace industry
  • What has surprised him about the coworking industry
  • What draws entrepreneurs to the franchise model
  • How the franchise model works
  • The Venture X brand - its unique positioning that attracts high-end corporate users
  • What the next three years looks like for Venture X and the industry

A personal perspective on this episode: Joining a franchise family can be a great approach to getting extensive, ongoing support for your business, a built-in community of operators supporting the same brand, and a higher chance of exit success and valuation.

Landlords also love a high-end build-out like that of Venture X. They're looking at the risk profile and saying 1) This operator, while new to coworking, has a massive support system behind him/her and 2) If something goes south for this operator, I'm left with a beautiful space that will easily attract a full-time tenant. 

Have a listen!

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